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Dangers in Your Water

This is an interesting article that everyone should read, especially if they are contemplating the purchase of a water system. I do not necessarily agree with everything, but who would? It will give you a good basis to begin the selection process. Please give us a call for any assistance. […]


The Presence/Absence Coliform Test

H2o Baja has a lab here in Cabo San Lucas. After looking at several options for testing for total coliform and E. coli, we decided to use the Presence / Absence Coliform test. Our supplier for the testing supplies is Hach Company, a world leader in testing equipment. We have […]

Non-Chemical Conditioners, Products

ESF Scale Preventer

Patented Scale Prevention Without Chemicals, Salt, Electricity, and No Water Waste The Most Environmentally Friendly Scale Preventer in the Market Today ** Used by many water treatment manufacturers to protect their equipment Residential and Commercial Applications: How does it work?

Products, Reverse Osmosis

Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our light commercial DRO Series reverse osmosis systems start at 150gpd up to 1000gpd. The DRO-150, 350, 500, & 1,000 are built on open stainless steel frames with horizontally mounted elements. These reverse osmosis systems utilize a rotary vane pump with ball bearing pump motor, two pre-filter stages, two pre-treatment […]

Products, Water Softeners

Softener 5000

In keeping with our commitment to manufacture low water usage equipment, the HE-2TT fully automatic water softener is designed to use 30% less salt or potassium than a conventional softener, and 40% less water as well. STANDARD EQUIPMENT 5000 VALVE FEATURES Valve Material Noryl Inlet/Outlet 3/4 to 1.25 inches Cycles […]

Products, Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

Let H2o Baja Design, Engineer, Manufacture and Install Your Commercial Water Conditioner H2o Baja specializes in the design and manufacturing of Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners. There are many benefits of Commercial / Industrial Water Softening. Eliminate the harmful effects of hard water resulting in: H2o Baja will quote Commercial […]

Products, Ultrafiltration Products

TAC Series

VIZION provides the perfect solution for protecting equipment against lime scale buildup: VIZION ultra filtration systems coupled with TAC – Template-Assisted Crystallization. Lime scale is one of the most significant maintenance problems for foodservice establishments and homes. Paired with a VIZION ultra filtration system, TAC systems can prevent lime scale […]

Products, Ultrafiltration Products

CAP Series

VIZION offers systems that assure the highest quality ingredient water at the lowest cost of ownership for premium water filtration. The CAP systems combine that assurance with scale-reducing technology. These systems use self-cleaning ultra filtration ahead of low-cost carbon cartridges to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. These […]