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Ultra Violet Disinfection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun have been nature’s natural way of disinfecting water for millions of years. Ultraviolet rays destroy any organism’s reproductive system, rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. These UV systems are typically used in conjunction with other units to assure no harmful bacteria enters your home […]

Products, Well Water Treatment

Maxi Cure

Our Maxi-Cure System is designed to treat well water that has such undesirable issues as Iron, Hardness, Clarity, Turbidity, Odors, pH, Oils and Chlorides. The Maxi-Cure can be loaded with many types of filter media to treat a multitude of Well Water concerns. Once your water is tested, Vibrant will […]

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Maxi-Cure Plus

This system is the same as Maxi Cure, with the addition of ozone disinfection of the media bed. Iron and iron staining come from bacterial iron entering your water supply. As the Maxi Cure Plus backwashes the iron down the drain, ozone is injected into the mineral bed and keeps […]