We Have Solutions For Your Water Problems

There are many problems that are related to the use of domestic water, whether supplied by your municipality, your well or elsewhere.  In the following charts, we have attempted to list the most common problems along the top of the page and then offer solutions listed in the left hand column. Regardless of the concerns that you may encounter with your water source, H2O Baja Water Products has a solution for your water problems.  As a true manufacturer of equipment, we often can make small to significant changes to our equipment to meet the needs of our customers. The products that we present on our web site are literally a fraction of what we are able to offer in total. So if your needs end up being a cartridge filter, a large reverse osmosis unit, a water softener, a non-chemical device, a deionizer, or any of our dozens of products, we are here to help. Sometimes the residential and commercial applications overlap; examples would be relatively low water use for a factory laboratory or cafeteria and relatively high water use for a home that has irrigation or livestock. Many of our products may be used in either application. We have an experienced bilingual person answering our phones, so if you have an immediate need or are confused by the chart, please pick up the phone and call us toll free at 01-800-837-7097. More often than not, we can have your concerns addressed immediately. You can also contact us by e-mail at info@h2obaja.com. Please begin your product search below: