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DRO-100 Water Saver

Model DRO-100 Reverse Osmosis 7300 Gallons Per Year Water Savings Exclusive 4 Stages for Maximum Hydration DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH!! You have heard and read this before. It has almost become a cliché, but do you know the reasons that every person should drink at least eight glasses of water […]

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Ultra Violet Disinfection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun have been nature’s natural way of disinfecting water for millions of years. Ultraviolet rays destroy any organism’s reproductive system, rendering them harmless and unable to reproduce. These UV systems are typically used in conjunction with other units to assure no harmful bacteria enters your home […]

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Maxi Cure

Our Maxi-Cure System is designed to treat well water that has such undesirable issues as Iron, Hardness, Clarity, Turbidity, Odors, pH, Oils and Chlorides. The Maxi-Cure can be loaded with many types of filter media to treat a multitude of Well Water concerns. Once your water is tested, Vibrant will […]

Featured, Products, Well Water Treatment

Maxi-Cure Plus

This system is the same as Maxi Cure, with the addition of ozone disinfection of the media bed. Iron and iron staining come from bacterial iron entering your water supply. As the Maxi Cure Plus backwashes the iron down the drain, ozone is injected into the mineral bed and keeps […]

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ESF Scale Preventer

Patented Scale Prevention Without Chemicals, Salt, Electricity, and No Water Waste The Most Environmentally Friendly Scale Preventer in the Market Today ** Used by many water treatment manufacturers to protect their equipment Residential and Commercial Applications: How does it work?

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Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our light commercial DRO Series reverse osmosis systems start at 150gpd up to 1000gpd. The DRO-150, 350, 500, & 1,000 are built on open stainless steel frames with horizontally mounted elements. These reverse osmosis systems utilize a rotary vane pump with ball bearing pump motor, two pre-filter stages, two pre-treatment […]

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Softener 5000

In keeping with our commitment to manufacture low water usage equipment, the HE-2TT fully automatic water softener is designed to use 30% less salt or potassium than a conventional softener, and 40% less water as well. STANDARD EQUIPMENT 5000 VALVE FEATURES Valve Material Noryl Inlet/Outlet 3/4 to 1.25 inches Cycles […]