Softener 5000

In keeping with our commitment to manufacture low water usage equipment, the HE-2TT fully automatic water softener is designed to use 30% less salt or potassium than a conventional softener, and 40% less water as well.

  • 24V low voltage power.
  • Metered design to only regenerate as needed.
  • Adjustable regeneration times.
  • Adjustable cycle length
  • Works with flow rates up to 1.25-inch pipe


  • Electronic Meter
  • Full flow plastic by-pass valve
  • Stainless steel jacket for HE-2TT
  • Energy saving 24 volt power
  • High capacity softening resin
  • By-pass valve for up to 1-inch piping
  • Stainless Steel Jacket
  • 18″ X 40″ Salt Cabinet


Valve MaterialNoryl
Inlet/Outlet3/4 to 1.25 inches
Max. Backwash17 gpm
Downflow/ Upflow Regeneration
Adjustable Cycle LengthYes
Time Available per Cycle99 min.
Meter Capacity (gal)1-9999
Drain Line1/2-inch MPT
Brine Line3/8 inch
Injector Brine System
Weight9 lbs.
Pressure Hydrostatic300 psi
Temperature34-110 F
Working Pressure20-110 psi
WQA Gold Seal System 0.5-3.0 cu. ft.


Cu Ft. high capacity resin0.85
Minimum salt per regeneration (lbs)3
Mineral tank size (in)8 x 35
Max flow rate (gpm)9
Gallons used per regeneration15
Maximum water hardness (GPG)35
Maximum iron (mg/l)4
Maximum flow to drain (GPM)1.5
Note: Ferrous (clear) iron removal only. No ferric, organic or bacterial iron.