What is a Point Of Entry (POE) device or Whole House Water System?

POE refers to a system that treats your water before it enters your house plumbing (After your cistern). This allows the water conditioning benefits at each faucet, water-using appliance, and shower head. POE devices should be sized properly so as not to restrict the water flow into the house. We can properly size your water system. H2o Baja Water Products offers many solutions for your water problems including custom built reverse osmosis, ozone, softeners, de-scalers, etc. Contact Baja's Water Experts for a water test in our lab and a free evaluation.

What is a Point of Use (POU) Device?

POU refers to a filter or disinfection device that attaches to a specific fixture, such as a kitchen faucet or a shower head. POU devices require more frequent filter changes. Combining POE with POU gives you an even better filtration system and better protection, as you now have a multiple barrier water system. Talk to us about it!!

What can I do about hard water?

Hard water basically refers to the content of calcium and magnesium in your water supply. In high concentrations, it causes many problems in the home. Traditional water softeners have been around since the 1950s. Hey, Culligan man!! Well, that technology is still around, although it has recently met with opposition, as it has become apparent that the brine discharge from these systems is making its way into our aquifer, thus damaging crops, home gardens, and our drinking water. H2o Baja Water Products sell a couple of non-chemical water conditioners that use no salt or potassium and a traditional water softener for extremely hard water. H2o Baja can test your water in our lab and determine which is best for you. Don't be surprised if you see a significant reduction in your utility bill with one of our units.

My water tastes salty. What can you do about it?

We do have areas where people draw their water from a well near the ocean, and it is not uncommon to have salt in the water. The most common method to remove the salt from your water is through Reverse Osmosis, although Distillation also works. H2o Baja Water Products can design and build the correct system for your salty water after we analyze your water sample in our lab.

Do I need to clean my cistern/tinaco?

Yes!!! Every six months to a year!!! Some people either forget about it, procrastinate, or don't think it matters since they don't drink it. Be aware that you absorb water right through your skin and that includes bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, etc. We have a saying here, Why bathe in water you wouldn't drink?? It makes good sense. Contact H2o Baja for a cleaning service and information on how to make your water supply safer for your family.

Does my skin actually absorb contaminants from the water?

You bet it does. Read this: Bathing in water containing arsenic: Philippe-Andr Boileau: 11/9/2005. This is a new route for risk analysis. The most research on this route was with THMs (Trihalomethanes). It has been found that 70% of the assimilated THM's come not from ingestion, but from INHALATION and absorption during showering. This has led to a tightening of the standards by the USEPA. The rationale for the current 10 ppb As Maximum Allowable is not based on what is safe, but is a target that will be difficult to reach taking into account current technologies. With microbes, Arsenic has to be the number one health risk associated with water, a proven and important cause of cancer. Regarding lead, the same was found. 70% comes from the inhalation route on AVERAGE. Not from ingestion. I would submit the same is true with arsenic, which is also an atom. There is no doubt it would be present in droplets of 5 microns or less. Therefore it will be inhaled deep into the bronchioles and assimilated. This is a good reason I feel for going for POE treatment rather than only POU.

Should I worry about arsenic in my water?

Unfortunately, there is a high level of arsenic in Southern Baja. Recently a team from UC Berkeley came down here and tested 270 wells. They reported high levels in the majority. Arsenic occurs here naturally and needs to be removed from your water. We hear from long time residents down here that have been drinking the water for 15 years and aren't dead yet. That's true, and some people smoke until they are 100 and die in a car crash. Nevertheless, it's healthier to avoid contact with arsenic, period.

Why would I want a Multiple Barrier System?

This is a common question, and many people become a little rigid when we mention it. No one likes another product pushed on them, and we try not to. The fact remains that if you remove 99% of something, 1 out of 100 can get through. So, by adding an additional barrier, you are better protected. Even with a POU system, your water travels a long way before it comes out of your faucet. Mexico still uses lead solder, which is illegal in the USA for a good reason. We recommend our Tru-Pure Ozone system at the kitchen sink. It removes lead and is also a sanitizer, plus the ozone freshens the taste of your drinking water. By the way, H2o Baja uses only lead-free solder (sin plomo) in our installations.

How much are your systems?

Our Tru-Pure POU systems are $995 USD + IVA and our POE systems start around $2500 USD + IVA. After an evaluation, we can recommend the correct system for your application.

Do you carry Ultra Violet (UV) systems?

Yes, we do. The issue with UV lamps is that they require a water softening device in front of them in order to work properly (check your owner's manual). The water down here is hard and the UV lens can become clouded with calcium which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the UV rays. Most people living down here already have a UV system, but we have only seen one water softener and it did not function. So, unless you are into frequently dismantling and cleaning calcium deposits from your UV lens with acid, you need a water softener or conditioner/descaler. It's as simple as that. We sell a nifty little non-chemical water conditioner/descaler that is perfect for UV systems and require no salt or maintenance and it will keep the lens clean automatically or we can put in a traditional water softener for you.

Can you explain the advantages of the Tru-Pure Ozone system?

First, ozone kills bacteria 3200 times faster than chlorine and the by-product is oxygen, not some cancer causing chemical. The Tru-Pure Ozone system produces FDA quality water (better than bottled water) at one gallon per minute plus it can sanitize your kitchen environment. It kills bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus on contact, so you can rinse and disinfect your food by simply flooding it with Tru-Pure Ozone water. There are no UV lamps to change every year. Don't forget, UV lamps only work when the water is inside the unit and not one millimeter further. Ozone disinfects all the way into your glass or bowl of grapes and continues to disinfect for about 4 minutes or so. Rinse your hands in Tru-Pure Ozone water after cutting up onions or garlic and the smell disappears! Brush your teeth with it and it kills germs and bacteria in your mouth. Check out the benefits of drinking ozone water on the internet. Did you know that every water bottler in Canada is required to ozonate their water? It's safer, cheaper and more convenient to bottle your own water at the kitchen sink and reduce the use of plastic bottles. The replacement cartridges is $20 and last 3 - 6 months or more, depending on usage. This is a must have for Mexico.