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DRO-100 Water Saver

Model DRO-100 Reverse Osmosis 7300 Gallons Per Year Water Savings Exclusive 4 Stages for Maximum Hydration DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH!! You have heard and read this before. It has almost become a clich√©, but do you know the reasons that every person should drink at least eight glasses of water […]

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Maxi-Cure Plus

This system is the same as Maxi Cure, with the addition of ozone disinfection of the media bed. Iron and iron staining come from bacterial iron entering your water supply. As the Maxi Cure Plus backwashes the iron down the drain, ozone is injected into the mineral bed and keeps […]

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Aquafer Plus+

Whole House Water Conditioner Uses No Water, No Salt, No Electricity How Does the Aquafer Plus Work? Water entering the Aquafer Plus first encounters our patented catalytic device where the calcium hardness is converted from a dissolved solid to a temporarily suspended solid. Dissolved hardness is what causes hard water […]

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A World of Applications: Landscaping and Golf Courses Improves soil percolation and enhances root propagation. Homes Reduces hard water scale in water heaters, as well as in dish and clothes washers. Eliminates chlorine throughout your entire home, providing you with better tasting and safer water to drink. Restaurants Improves taste […]