A World of Applications:

Landscaping and Golf Courses

Improves soil percolation and enhances root propagation.


Reduces hard water scale in water heaters, as well as in dish and clothes washers.

Eliminates chlorine throughout your entire home, providing you with better tasting and safer water to drink.


Improves taste in ice makers, extends the lifespan of coffee makers, and enhances the quality of drinking water.


Reduces the amount of kitchen maintenance required, offers better protection for steam tables, autoclaves, and laundry equipment.

Specialty Applications

Useful in solar equipment, car washes, cooling towers, greenhouses, and much more.

How the Aquafer Works

Through a complex distribution system, water flows upwards through the Aquafer. Your water is filtered through Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF). The KDF redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants. This give and take process converts many contaminants into harmless components. Chlorine and heavy metals such as lead and mercury are also removed. In its final stage, the water passes through a spring-loaded chamber, creating a slight pressure drop. This pressure drop initiates the formation of calcium hardness crystals.

These crystals pass through a catalytic surface which greatly multiplies the number of crystals. It is the last two steps that set our patented process apart from similar products. The multitude of calcium crystals pass through a strong magnetic field which serves to hold the crystals in a suspended form for 24 to 72 hrs. This entire process binds calcium (hardness) particles to each other rather than to your plumbing fixtures.