CAP Series

VIZION offers systems that assure the highest quality ingredient water at the lowest cost of ownership for premium water filtration.

The CAP systems combine that assurance with scale-reducing technology. These systems use self-cleaning ultra filtration ahead of low-cost carbon cartridges to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. These technologies are then followed by template-assisted crystallization to protect your equipment against lime scale buildup. The CAP systems come with two controller options: a SMART Controller and a Pulse Controller. The SMART Controller notifies you when replacement cartridges are needed and stores up to three years of water-use data that can be downloaded to a computer.

The Pulse Controller monitors the cleaning of the ultra filtration cartridge.

Features and benefits:

  • Scale-reducing technology assures reduced service on equipment by decreasing lime scale by 96-98%.
  • Separation of mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction assures long time between cartridge changes.
  • Assures only one low-cost carbon cartridge change per year.
  • Self-cleaning capabilities assure low maintenance costs.
  • .015 micron ultra filtration removes particles 33 times finer than the next best filtration system, assuring consistent high quality water.
  • Maintains good water minerals while adding no chemicals.