TAP-42x Series

VIZION offers systems that assure the highest quality ingredient water at the lowest cost of ownership for premium water filtration.

The innovative TAP systems use self-cleaning ultra filtration ahead of low-cost carbon cartridges to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. This self-cleaning and separation assures the full stated life expectancy of the carbon cartridges and provides them with mechanically pure water, which eliminates premature clogging.

The SMART Controller on the TAP systems displays the remaining life of the ultra filtration and carbon cartridges as well as notifies you when replacement cartridges are needed.

The SMART Controller also stores up to three years of water-use data that can be downloaded to a computer.

NOTE: TAC systems available for scale reduction.

Features and benefits:

  • Separation of mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction assures long time between cartridge changes.
  • Assures only one low-cost carbon cartridge change per year.
  • Self-cleaning capabilities assure low maintenance costs.
  • .015 micron ultra filtration removes particles 33 times finer than the next best filtration system, assuring consistent high quality water.
  • SMART Controller provides detailed water-use information and notifications for replacing cartridges.
  • Several system configurations available to meet your needs.