Point-of-Use Series

VIZION offers systems that remove almost all suspended particles from the water, which yields filtered water for point-of-use applications and fewer maintenances issues related to poor water quality.

The Point-of-Use systems use self-cleaning ultra filtration cartridges to reduce almost all particles as small as .015 microns, substantially reducing microbiological contaminates and providing healthy drinking water. The UF’s self-cleaning ability extends the life of the cartridge and allows the system to operate with very little user intervention.

The UFC-216 is housed in a stainless steel cover to securely protect the filtration unit.

NOTE: TAC systems available for scale reduction.

Features and benefits:

  • .015 micron ultra filtration removes almost all suspended particles, assuring consistent high quality water.
  • Self-cleaning capabilities assure long time between cartridge changes.
  • Microbiological reduction provides healthy drinking water.
  • Operation simplicity.
  • Small footprint makes system ideal for Point-of-Use applications.