Whole House Ultrafiltration System

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THE VZN 441H-T5 system provides better tasting, scale reducing, filtered water throughout the entire house with a flow rate of up to 13 GPM, which is sufficient for most homes.

The VZN systems use a self-cleaning ultra filter to reduce almost all particles as small as .015 microns, substantially reducing microbiological contaminates up to 99.999{470e3f0d258c630bd381b43e66338949123df5f72e7dc7ccb3cd8f37afcb0f26} and providing healthy drinking water.

The ultrafiltration filter will also help in reducing tastes and odors in the water and in concert with its carbon cartridge, you will have even better tasting water.

For scale reduction on pipes, fixtures and appliances, our T5 Template-Assisted-Crystallization (TAC) cartridge, which uses an unique technology to convert hard, dissolved minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals, will not allow a scale build-up on pipes, fixtures and appliances.

A Smart Controller monitors water usage, remaining filter life and controls automatic self-cleaning for a longer filter life.

This system is approved by McDonalds and Burger King for use in their restaurants.


  • High quality filtered water throughout the house
  • Healthy drinking water at every faucet
  • Scale reduction on pipes, fixtures and appliances
  • Dishes and clothes cleaned with filtered water
  • Shower and bathe with clean UF filtered water
  • No harmful water running through appliances
  • Tasteless, odorless water for all food preparation
  • Low 10W power consumption
  • 5 year life on TAC and UF filter