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ESF Plus “Mexico” Water Treatment System

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Whole House Disinfection and Water Treatment Making Every Faucet or Appliance Safe Ultra Violet Disinfection: Kills bacteria, cysts, viruses and all organic material Hard Water Scale Prevention: Patented catalytic / magnetic process Taste and Odor Removal: Activated carbon treatment removes chlorine, chloramines and pesticides Iron and Manganese Removal: KDF...Read More


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A World of Applications: Landscaping and Golf Courses Improves soil percolation and better root propagation Homes Reduces hard water scale in water heaters, dish and clothes washers Eliminates chlorine in your entire home giving you  better tasting and safer water to drink Restaurants Improves taste in  ice makers, longer...Read More

Aquafer Plus+

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Whole HouseWater Conditioner Uses No Water, No Salt,No Electricity Dramatically Improves Taste and Odor Removes Fluoride Removes all Heavy Metals Removes Chlorine and Chloramines Prevents Hard Water Scale Renders Water Hardness Harmless Improves Plant Growth Provides Safer, Healthier Water at Faucet in your Home System Typically Works Efficiently for...Read More

Mini Aquafer Water Conditioner

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Ecological Friendly WaterTreatment for Small Homes and Condos Treats Water Without Exposing You or the Environment to Salt and/or Chemicals No Electricity and No Water Waste No chemicals or salt to add No polluting chemicals sent down your drain Provides saver healthier water at every faucet Improves taste, eliminates...Read More

ESF Scale Preventer

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Patented Scale Prevention Without Chemicals, Salt, Electricity and No Water Waste The Most Environmentally Friendly ScalePreventer in the Market Today Eliminates harmful effects of hard water Prevents scale build-up Protects your water appliances Improves plant growth Reduce soap and detergent usage Prevents bathtub rings No chemicals or salt to...Read More